My first cloth diaper review! Bummis Super Whisper Wraps & Kissaluvs Fitteds

Friday, March 25, 2011
First and foremost its about time you all met Turtle-Love =)

Turtle-Love and his new sock monkey =) Yes, the sock monkey is bigger than my son *shrug* Turtle-Love is currently 8 pounds 14 ounces, and about 21 1/2 inches tall.

Now - on to diapers!
About a month ago I purchased a few Kissaluvs fitteds and a couple Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and now that we have thoroughly "tested" them... I'd like to share our experience with you all! I couldn't review them on their own because we use them together. BTW - I did contact both Bummis and Kissaluv to get permission to review these items, but what I write is my own opinion and that is it.

Kissaluvs fitted
Link ^ =)
This is really nice - we are using a size 0 and fits Turtle-Love really well. It fits babies from about 5 - 15 pounds. It also snaps down at the front to make room for umbilical cord care, or to shorten the rise for little babies *hint hint* I have five of them, in different colors, and they snap on. It was really easy to show Toad how to use these, and I love how they feel kinda like a towel, which we all know are absorbent!
The thing to remember with these is they are not waterproof, so you will need a cover for them (see below). Also, they take a long time to dry. I usually run them through the drier once, then hang them on a drying rack to dry over night. But really they are designed to absorb and retain moisture so I'd say a long dry time makes perfect sense! They are very very very absorbent. They do not have a stay dry lining to them, so your baby will feel the wetness, which I've found with these and only these Turtle-Love doesn't mind until its soaked.

We have tested it for both wet and mess, and even with his breastfed runny poo of grossness (hah!) the mess stayed in. Only once did it get on the outside of the fitted, and that was my own fault for leaving him in it a little longer because I thought he wasn't done. But, even if that happens, with the right cover its not a big deal. This is where Bummis comes in...

Link ^ =)

I love this wrap! Its super durable and available in really cute prints. We have this in Newborn size and it fits just wonderfully over the fitteds, and really well with other random inserts too (we've done this on occasion for laundry day). The Newborn size will accommodate from about 7 - 10 pounds. The velcro closure is really simple and provides a super custom fit. You can even over lap the tabs for little babies *hint hint*

If you use this cover with inserts there is a nifty little pocket on the inside front to tuck them into so they stay in place, along with the mess. If you use an insert be sure it is absorbent enough for your baby and the length of time between changes. The only time the wrap leaked was with a different insert and Turtle-Love had flooded it. Of course the wrap is meant to keep wetness in, not standing liquid.

We've been using these two together for about a month and we have not had a single leak! Wet or mess! In fact this is the only "system" in my current stash I can say that about.

I hope this review was helpful for you all. Please feel free to ask questions!


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