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Sunday, March 13, 2011
Since I'm writing this right before bed, and we are about to lose an hour to daylight savings time... I'm going to try to make this quick...

We booked a venue for our wedding! We set the date in stone - Oct 15th this year - and chose a local hotel for the ceremony and reception. I had said I really did not want a hotel wedding, but this hotel has floor to ceiling windows for their ballroom and an outdoor terrace for our ceremony. Its really pretty not to mention they are within our itty bitty budget! Did I mention we are paying for our wedding? Yep. Just us. Its okay though - we chose not to ask anyone for help with this. I'm not one to ask for money in the first place, but also - I don't see why we should ask for someone to pay for the things we want. If I want something done my way, well I'm damn sure going to be the one paying for it. I don't want to be someone elses burden.
ANYHOW... we booked our location, they also cater and provide all the tables and chairs and such. I've already picked out and mostly paid for my dress (its on layway hahahaha) and the bridesmaids dresses have been chosen, along with the flower girls dresses and the groomsmen and grooms tuxes. Things left to do for the wedding....
  • Turtle-Loves ring bearer tux
  • Florist/flowers
  • DJ
  • Cake
  • Photographer(s)
  • Register somewhere
  • Party gifts
  • miscellaneous details
Well the list didn't seem that long before I wrote it. Eh. I feel much better about it all now that I've got SOMETHING taken care of. Oh right, and save the date cards and invitations. I want to get our save the date cards ordered this week.

So something that I'm struggling with regarding the wedding is other people's opinions. I know I know... they really don't matter, and I shouldn't care what other people think. But to an certain extent I guess I do. Or maybe, I guess it just bothers me people wont get over themselves and understand this day is for us - they are being invited to come celebrate WITH us. This is not a show to impress them. So - I'm just trying to keep that in mind when I listen to everyones opinion and their advice. I know that our wedding will be perfect because its being put together for us by us to be everything we want it to be. I'm hoping the end result will represent us well - both as individuals and as a couple.

Moving along...

I got another diaper in the mail today xD I'm so excited! I got it on eBay for way cheap and its comprable to the GoGreen Pocket Diaper Champ - at least that is what the boards say... I have yet to own a Champ, or even see one. Anyhow - this diaper is super exciting! I can't wait to get it washed and use it! PS- the Mommy's touch diapers may be a little too big for now, but the Lil Joeys fit great! I'm going to start reviewing this weekish I hope.

I'm supposed to not buy anymore "fluff" for the time being. Really, we have about two days worth of cloth because Turtle-Love still sleeps in sposies. That will change once we get more used to them. Really, its once Toad gets used to them because he does the middle of the night changes. Regardless, the point - or at least one of my major selling points - of cloth diapering is to save money. I can't very well claim that if I buy every diaper I think is cute. FOr now, we have enough diapers. I'm going to keep my eye out for super good deals though. I did just purchase two wet bags and two pail liners from GoGreen Pocket Diapers. I think they are the best price I've found!

Well - its getting late and in about 45 minutes when daylight savings time kicks in it will only be later so we are off to bed to try and get Mr. Turtle-Love to actually sleep. He likes to play when we lay down =D

I love this little boy!


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