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Monday, March 25, 2013
I have decided that I want to get almost everything ready for our new addition by the time I hit 35 weeks. Two reasons - 1, Turtle Love was born at 35 weeks so it's kind of a precaution. 2, I would like to relax and enjoy the last month of my pregnancy while crafting to my hearts content.

We may or may not be slightly behind on our task list now.... All last week we were out with a stomach bug and got pretty much nothing accomplished. Saturday I wore my self out entirely too much to do a whole lot yesterday. So I sat on my pregnant behind while Turtle-Love had a lazy, TV filled day (don't judge me!) and the hubz recovered from two days of hard work without sleep by napping in the recliner. While on my behind, I decided to be somewhat productive and went through and folded, organized, and cataloged our entire cloth diaper stash. Oh yeah, I did that! In fact, this may be the first time... ever that I have taken a picture of our entire stash. Every single cloth diaper we own was clean, and I hadn't put them together or folded them since they came out of the drier a week... maybe two... ago and I was tired of watching them scatter further and further in our bedroom. We had also just dug out all of the sized diapers Turtle-Love outgrew, so I literally had every piece in our stash right there in front of me.

**I'd like to quickly mention that nearly every diaper in this stash was purchased on-sale, or second hand. I like good deals :-)**

You want the pic first, or the list first?
Yeah, yeah... pic. Duh.

There you have it.... Our cloth diaper stash - currently. There are a handful of things not pictured, including fleece liners, some disposable inserts, trainers, snappis, and a few diapers that need repair. Let's go ahead and break down what is in the picture...

1- 4 Target Flour Sack Towels
2- 10 Diaper Rite 27x27 Flats
3- 6 Mother-Ease doublers
14 Mama's Simple Solutions zorb inserts
 5 Mama's Simple Solution's nighttime inserts
4- Mabu Baby
 4 Newborn outters
 4 Newborn washable pads
 4 Newborn disposable pads
 8 Size 1 washable pads
 4 Size 3/4 washable pads
 10 liners
5- 7 Flip covers
 8 Flip Stay-Dry inserts
6- 3 BumGenius Freetimes
 1 BottomBumpers - Small
 1 BottomBumpers - Medium
 1 Bummis AIO - Medium
 1 Kissaluvs Marvel
7- GroVia
 3 Newborn AIOs
 5 OS AIOs
 6 Shells
 2 soakers
8- 1 Alva Baby
 2 Fuzzibunz Elites (Diaper Talk series)
 2 FuzziBunz OS
 1 Thirsties Duo Diaper - Size 2
 2 Mommy's Touch Tape pocket diapers
9- 8 itti bitti tuttos
10- 3 Sunbaby 2.0s
 5 Sunbaby 3.0s
11- Oeko Popo
 2 covers - Size 2
 2 beltable prefolds - Medium
 1 pre/flat
 1 belt - Medium
12- Rumparooz
 3 OS pocket diapers with 6r Soakers
 4 Lil Joeys AIOs
13- AppleCheeks
 4 envelope covers - Size 1
 5 envelope covers - Size 2
 7 microterry inserts
 6 bamboo inserts
14- 1 Mama's Simple Solution fitted
 2 BagShotRowBaby fitteds
15- 2 Econobum covers with prefolds
16- 1 GoodMama fitted - Newborn
 1 Dream-Eze fitted - Small
 1 Dream-Eze fitted - Medium
 2 Bumboo fitteds - Size 1
17- 5 Kissaluvs fitteds - Size 0
 2 Kissaluvs fitteds - Size1
 1 Sandy's Mother-Ease fitted - Small
18- 2 unknown WAHM fitteds, sized
19- 3 unknown WAHM fitteds with doublers, one size
20- 2 Baby SoftWraps - Small
 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps - Newborn
 1 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap - Small
 1 Thirsties wrap - X-small
 3 Thirsties Duo Wraps - Size 1
 2 Thirsties Duo Wraps - Size 2

Missing from picture
50 Grovia Biosoakers
22 Mabu Baby disposable pads - Size 3/4
1 Bummis Swim Diaper - Large
1 Fuzzibunz Trickle-Free Trainer - Small
1 Flip Trainer with 3 inserts
2 EcoPosh Trainers - Small (Easter basket goodie!)
2 AppleCheeks doublers
1 AppleCheeks extender tabs set
2 Fuzzibunz Elite minkee inserts
2 Fuzzibunz microfiber inserts
4 Fuzzibunz replacement leg elastic sets
1 unknown microfiber insert (appeared out of no where, I suspect it belongs to a friend who stripped my diapers for me a while ago)
13 fleece liners
1 roll disposable liners
5 Mama's Simple Solutions zorb squares
1 PlanetWise pail liner
1 GoGreenPocketDiapers vinyl pail liner
2 GoGreenPocketDiapers wet bags
1 KangaCare/Rumparooz wet bag
1 itti bitti luxury wet bag
2 Bubu Bibi wet bags (One we are actually using to hold Turtle-Love's inhaler and spacer)
4 Snappis
Missing from stash entirely
3 Diaper Rite 27x27 flats
1 Flip cover
1 Bumboo fitted - Size 1
1 Fuzzibunz Trickle-Free Trainer - Small
1 EcoPosh Trainer - Medium
1 AppleCheeks Swim Diaper - Size 1
1 Bubu Bibi Wet Bag
2 Snappis
In need of repair
2 BumGenius 2/3.0s (not sure, very worn)
3 Sunbaby 2.0s (de-laminated)

So there we have it! Our cloth diaper stash. I'll admit we aren't done. After all, we will be diapering 2 soon. I'd like to have more tiny diapers for the newborn phase, and I'd like to add a couple of girlie diapers to the mix - we are lacking a splash of pink and purple. Also, I'll be participating in the Flats & Handwashing Challenge for the third year in a row, and I'll have two then. Need to add a few more flats to the stash! Some newborn size and some toddler size. I'd also like to get 2 sets of boingos to try out, and maybe a couple newborn covers :-)

Any suggestions for WAHM shops I should try? Brands I don't have that you recommend? Trainer recommendations? I'll take 'em!


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