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Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Hello! This is just going to be a very long and informative post to get things going...

Preemie ♥
I'm 24, my fiance is 26. We have a 3 month (12 week) old son with an adjusted age of 2 months (7 weeks). Whats an adjusted age? Well, our son was born 5 weeks early - meaning he is a preemie. Preemies have adjusted ages - they have a birth date which is the actual day they were born, and an adjusted date which is the day they were due. This is important because preemies will have a different rate of developing because they didn't finish up inside pretty much. For example - my son's adjusted age is 2 months, so even though he is 3 months old we look at the 2 month milestones and growth charts to see how he measures up and is developing.

Speaking of Turtle-Love, I probably should have started with this! He was born December 5th, 2010 at 2:39 pm. He weighed in at 5 pounds 12 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long. I was only in labor for about 8 or so hours - all natural birth, no drugs or anything, but I did have IV antibiotics since I wasn't full term. Turtle-Love had trouble breathing and spent the night under an Oxyhood in the nursery and the next day was transported to the other local hospital to be cared for in their NICU. He spent a week and a  half there with what the nurses called Wimpy White Boy Syndrome lol. He needed surfactant because he didn't have the chance to make enough in the womb - app this condition is rare in "children of color" - my son is actually bi-racial, he is 1/8 Korean, the rest Caucasian. I guess my Granny's genes just weren't strong enough lol.

Breast feeding
Turtle-Love is breastfed. Though, we are having trouble getting him to gain enough weight so right now he is getting an additional ounce after each daytime feeding via bottle. Sometimes this is EBM (expressed breast milk) and sometimes preemie formula. Depends on if I have any stashed at the time. I'm not having much success with pumping and I've been worried about my milk supply. We bought a baby scale and we weigh him before and after each nursing when we are home. He on average gets an 1.5 ounces from me every 1.5 hours. I've read an infant is supposed to eat 2.5 times their weight in ounces. So Turtle-Love is 8lbs 4 oz he should be eating 20-21 ounces a day. I'm going to be trying lactation cookies called Milkin' Cookies so we will see if that helps.

Cloth Diapers
I am cloth diapering Turtle-Love. I've just started Saturday. So far my stash consists of 5 Kissaluv fitteds size 0, a Thirsties x-small cover, 2 Bummis Super Whisper Wraps in Newborn, a Bambino MioSoft cover in Newborn, a Baby Soft Wrap in small without the snap in liner, 6 Sun Baby 3.0 pocket diapers, and 6 Sun Baby 4.0 pocket diapers. I'm also currently borrowing 2 tiny gPants with gCloths, a Flip cover and stay dry liner, and an Econobum with prefold. .... I think thats all of them. Oh - I also have 6 Mother-Ease Sandy's absorbant liners and a Bottombumpers snap in one size small. So far its going well. The Sun Baby 4.0s are too big but the 3.0s fit okay just bulky, then again everything is. The Flip and Econobum are big and bulky on him but haven't leaked. Actually both have stood up to poosplosions! The Mother-Ease insert are very trim but they also don't absorb nearly as much as my other diapers. The Sun Babys are great with absorbing - no poo yet. I am loving the Kissaluvs with and without a cover - though without they of course are not water proof. They fit him really well, as do the all the covers. Right now I do not like the Baby Soft Wrap. It has leaked everytime we've used it. I use it with the Mother-Ease inserts. I'm going to try doubling the inserts. Maybe the PUL is bad on this one though - I bought it "pre-loved" but maybe these inserts just wont work with it. Its going to take some trouble shooting. I have 5 new diapers in the mail - 2 Rumparooz lil Joeys, 2 Mother's Touch, and an off brand from eBay that is suposed to be comparable to the GoGreen Pocket Diaper Champ. Can't wait for them to get here! 

Right now I'm we are still planning our wedding. We are going to be married October 15th - November 11th is our back up day. I found my dress and put it on lawaway at Davids Bridal. Now that I've gotten my taxes back I'll be going to pay it off adn bring it home - taking it to my dad's for safe keeping. I've also picked out the bridesmaids dresses and the flower girls dresses. Everyone is wearing a different color. We love color so why not use them all? Hah! Yesterday Turtle's daddy - henceforth reffered to as Toad - Toad and I went and picked out his tux and the groomsmen's tuxes. What we are I am really working on right now is the venue. Planning a wedding is tough work! Especially while working, and going to school, and taking care of Turtle-Love.

So...... I think that pretty much covers the major bullet points of my life right now. Off to do homework and feed Turtle-Love!


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    Super Cute!!! I love it!!! Plus, I'll get to check on "Turtle-Love" without actually calling you!!! hehehe...

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