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Friday, January 6, 2012
After writing my post yesterday, I was contacted by a friend of mine - Independant Scentsy consultant - Monique with an opportunity for a fundraiser. That's right, a fundraiser. To get to BlogHer'12!

I ♥ you Monique!

Monique has been kind enough to set up a fundraiser for me through her Scentsy page. How does it work? Well pretty much...

You click this link to buy Scentsy products

You get taken to this page - make sure you see the Little Tiny Love (BlogHer '12) Fundraiser title at the top

Isn't her page cute?!

Start shopping!

After you make purchases, wonderful mulah will flow to the "Send Little Tiny Love to BlogHer'12" stash box!

Now... if you are wondering to yourself (or aloud)... uh, wtf is Scentsy? Well, Monique can answer that best if I suck at informing you. Pretty much Scentsy provides really nice candle wax warmers (even collegiate sports teams, for the *ahem* sports lover in your life) and over 80 scents of candle wax to put in the warmers. They also have things like tarts, auto-air fresheners, and even Scent Buddies - cute little animals you put scent packs in for your littles (or your self) to snuggle. The warmers come in 3 sizes - full size, mid-size, and plug-in. I personally have a super cute plug-in style warmer in my bathroom (the design is called Taro and has dandelions on it!), currently warming some Eskimo Kiss wax to replace the, uh, fumes that waft from the diaper pail on occasion. I'll say, what a difference! I don't even have to have the warmer on to smell the wax =) Everyone that comes over mentions how lovely it smells, which makes me feel great!

So - go forth and purchase deliciously scented wax, beautiful warmers (or manly - hey that is your business), and help me get to BlogHer'12!

Oh, of course - Thank you in advance =)


  1. Jeanne-Marie said...:

    I'm sensitive to fragrances, otherwise I'd totally join in!

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