Pin-It Thursday

Thursday, January 19, 2012
My very dear friend over at Whispered Words Forever Captured does a Pin It Thursday so I thought I'd hop on that band wagon, so to speak.

This is where I show you all the great things I'm Pinning on Pinterest
If you don't know what Pinterest is, you need to figure it out! Basically, it is a virtual cork board. You make cork boards and Pin different things to them. Each thing you pin to a cork board is a picture that links to a website to tell you how to do something, where to find something, etc. ♥

Here are the things I've been pinning this week. I'm focusing on healthy recipes and quick meals and such because I'm determined to get my family living a healthier lifestyle, and eating from home more often. I also just got a crock pot so I want to learn to use it. We never used one of these when I was growing up so it will take some getting used to. All the pictures will link to the web pages they came from =)

Foods to eat daily to maintain a healthy diet.

28 Day Mind and Body Challenge. I'm actually planning to start this the last week of January/first week of February. I need time to get used to cooking again.

Artichoke and rice salad - sounds yummy!

Sweet potato and spinach gratin, mmmmmm.

Cauliflower crust pizza - must try! Maybe I can use it to make cauliflower crackers/toast for salsa?

20 quick fixes for boneless chicken breasts.

16 of the healthiest foods to eat.

Skinny Crock Pot recipes - yes please!

Do any of you have suggestions for sites or recipes to look up for healthy meals, and quick fixes?


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