Saturday at Sugar Snap keeps me Sane

Saturday, April 2, 2011
Many months ago I "liked" Sugar Snap Consignment on Facebook. Many weeks ago Sugar Snap posted they were going to have a cloth diapering discussion on the following Saturday. Many Saturdays ago I met the most wonderful, like minded people, ever.

(Almost)Every Saturday morning Turtle-Love and I spend at Sugar Snap Consignment. Several other mothers whom I have become friends with also bring their child(ren) and visit at Snap. We mainly meet to talk about cloth diapering and baby wearing, but we often also discuss cosleeping, bedsharing, breastfeeding, attachment parenting in general, and anything else that comes up. Of course this includes stories about our children, birth, and how we've met our loves.

Not only do I get to hang out with a bunch of other moms who really do share similar values and viewpoints, but we do it in one of my favorite places in town.

Sugar Snap's owner is amazing. She is certainly the baby wearing guru of our area and knows almost anything about every kind of pocket sling, ring sling, mei tai, wrap, carrier.... all of it! Not only is she awesome, but her store is too! Of course, it is a consignment shop. They consign gently used items. Everthing from strollers to shoes, cloth diapers to christening gowns, toys, bedding, even maternity! If you need it for your household of children or a pregnant friend or self, Sugar Snap probably has it! In addition to selling gently used, she also has an assortment of cloth diapers and slings that are new, and she also sells locally made things =) I'm sure there is a ton of awesomeness I'm leaving out about Sugar Snap - please please please go check it out for your self, at least on Facebook! Visit Sugar Snap Consignment on Facebook here!

Anyhow - hanging out most Saturdays at the Snap is wonderful for me. I can sit, surrounded by amazing items at great prices, and talk with great people. All while breastfeeding, changing diapers, taking pictures, eating.... its so free and welcoming there, I crave it. The whole week I look forward to my Saturdays.


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