My child is getting BIG... I'm not a bad mom!

Friday, April 1, 2011
So.... remember last week for the review when Turtle-Love was 8lbs 14 oz?

Guess who is 9 pounds 4.5 ounces?! Oh yeah Turtle-Love!!!!!

He had finally grown in to his larger newborn stuff and smaller 0-3 stuff... now he is filling out all  the newborn stuff! Soon I'll be packing it away... *sigh*

And now...
Just a little rant.....

I brought my son into my office today. Wait - rewind.

I work from home for the same company I worked in-office for pre-birth. Today, my neighborhood is being paved so we cannot park our cars at our homes, and I have no way to get Turtle-Love to our house from our temporary parking area because we do not have an alterain stroller, and his car seat and other stuff are simply too big for my short self to carry that distance. At least, not willingly =P So - I decided to pack up my work things, and my Turtle-Love, and go to the office for the day!

We arrive at the office, and I go the long way around to my office so that the girls I work with have their chance to ooggle him. One woman actually said to me that she didn't know much at all about babies but that certainly he should be heavier than 9 pounds by 4 months. *eye roll* I said probably but he is a preemie so we've come a decent way [he was 5lbs 12oz at birth - actually big for his gestation(35wks) the doc was plesantly surprised]... this woman proceeded to get in his face when I set his car seat down, and tried to touch his face! Nuuuuhhhh! Dirty hands! She made a joke that she felt she should offer him her finger because she is used to meeting dogs... har har, not! Sorry but joking about putting your strange dirty finger in my childs mouth isn't very funny to me... maybe I've lost my sense of humor durring the birth process or somewhere along the way.... but I kinda doubt it. Either way. No thanks, see you later, a-buh-bye.



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