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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you use cloth? I bet you've been collecting those adorable diapers that are a bit pricey and so much cuteness and fun and way worth it, I swear I can use these on at least 2 more kids, its TOTALLY economical!
You're right, all of that is true!
If you are already using cloth, or have looked into using cloth, MODERN cloth - the cute-completely adorable-cant wait to get my fluff in the mail-ahhh the prints and colors- ooo the minky softness-hellloooo bright and fun snaps- cloth diapers, well then you also know the start up cost, while definitely cheaper than disposables in the long run, can be really intimidating and outside many family budgets. Not to mention, washing.

Anyhow - Turtle-Love would rather be up and playing than sitting here so I don't have much time before he demands I get up. Please go check out this post by Dirty Diaper Laundry. I had already decided I would do a similar challenge before I read this, but I was going to be on my own. This will be much more effective! Join the movement people!


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