Favorite way to use flats

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I am taking part in the Second Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry. For 7 days I will be using only flat cloth diapers and handwashing them in an effort to prove that cloth diapering can be affordable and accessible to all. You can learn more about the rules and why this challenge was started by visiting the announcement post. This year there are over 450 participants from all over the world!

What is my favorite way to use flats?

Uhh... as diapers? LOL

No, seriously, I use our flats for various things....

•Wiping my window edges with vinegar or lemon (or both)
•Soaking up 'uh-ohs' from naked baby time
•Pulling spills out of the carpet (works like a charm!)
•Runny nose catchers
•Un-paper towels

Could also be used for...
•A tourniquet
•Impromptu clothing (no judging)
•Making fabric flowers
•Momma cloth
•A bandana to keep the hair out of my face while cleaning
•Flags for pretend play
•Splat mats to catch flying messes during meal or art time

The list really could just go on. I mean, its a flat. I single layer of fabric. You could use it for anything you use fabric for.

I'm thinking, natural birds eye cotton flats will re purpose well into fabric embellishments for a friends bohemian inspired wedding...

Anyhow - here is a set of pictures from earlier today. Nicole (my good friend and our baby sitter) took them for me. I was at her house picking Turtle-Love up after work. Of course the first thing he asks of me (which I appreciate after 8 hours...) is for milk and boobies. Which takes a long time, which I enjoy after work because we can relax and reunite peacefully. He also usually falls asleep while nursing around this time, and we were headed for a shopping trip before headed home so I wanted to get him into a fresh diaper.

Which is why these pictures are of me nursing Turtle-Love while putting him in an origami folded flat. In the interest of full disclosure, the flat was already folded and waiting for me in the diaper bag.

I have to say, it was a little tricky but I feel pretty talented after that!

PS... We usually use an origami fold, but I twist at the hips and jelly roll the thighs for a closer fit

PPS... I gave up on trying to locate any of my 3 snappis. They ran away.

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