the Bestie is gettin' married!

Friday, February 10, 2012
This is going to be a REALLY quick post, but I just have to share with the world...

My Bestie is gettin' married!


And she asked me to be a bridesmaid =)

So excited!

I'm also really excited for a legitimate reason to look at wedding gowns, and venues, and cakes, and invitations now that our wedding has gone by, nearly four months ago. I know lame, right?

I love wedding details!

Gasp! I've been married for almost 4 months?!.

Her boyfriend now fiance proposed to her with the help of their 16 month old son =) They are engaged to be married next year on their three year anniversary of becoming a couple. Such a great day to choose! And only one day for him to remember ;) They will be tying the knot in sunny Florida!

I'm so excited for them!

Congrats, Bestie!


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